Postal Photo Stamps

Make your own stamps with your personal pictures.

Photo Stamps

Private Individual Home Photo Stamps

Congratulations and welcome to our Photo Stamps Program. In a few minutes you will have your account set up and you will be making your stamps to fit your needs. Your kids and family members will love them. PhotoStamps are the exciting new product that lets your customers turn their personal photos into real U.S. Postage. It is an incredible product that is fun and easy to use online. Customers simply upload their image to the PhotoStamps web site, customize it using the easy to use toolbox which includes camera zoom, rotate, and a choice of different border colors, and then place their order. Your PhotoStamps will arrive in the mail in several days. Photo Stamps are available in most major postage denominations. So join the millions of happy customers that have purchased photo stamps and mailed them to friends and family. And be sure to tell all the visitors to your site about the cool things they can do with making their own Photo Stamps.

Photo Stamps are a great gift idea for:

Wedding invitations

Baby announcements

Thank you notes

Birthday and anniversary parties announcements

Pets and vacation photos , Gifts for any occasion!


Postal Photo Stamps

For each new, unique customer who signs up for the 4-week, no-risk trial, you'll receive a bounty! It's that easy. Tell everyone how having the ability to produce your own Stamps saves you time and above all money. Stamps is the easiest most convenient way for individuals and business to manage all their mailing needs. Be sure and tell visitors to your site about the benefits of signing up for the Stamps service. Many individuals and businesses already use to manage their mailing needs. Print USPS approved postage right from your PC.

Photo Stamps Use postage to send letters, packages, and even Priority Mail. virtually eliminates trips to the Post Office. Sign up for and get an offer that includes postage and the best digital scale. offer a 30 day no risk trial for all our new customers. If you have any questions about the terms of our postal program, please notify us by e-mail and a prompt response is guaranteed. If you want to show off your business everytime you send a letter, buying your own stamps with your company logo on it is a great way to advertise. A big issue has cropped up with consumers who are buying PhotoStamp boxes and then processing the order through other links to receive extra bonuses. Stamps will not pay out for retail box activations The actual purchase of a PhotoStamps retail box is taking place, therefore there is no sale to commission if the order is activated through a link. In order to get a commission for a PhotoStamps order. If your site has forums or any other method of information distribution, please correct any posts that refer to the PhotoStamps retail box offer and the ability to use deal, point, or bonus. All retail box activations occurring through a site will have been reversed in the program.

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