US Photo Stamps

Make your own stamp with any digital photo that you have.

Photo Stamps


Please refer postage or stamps to describe the promotional offering of USPS approved postage. USPS or the United States Postal Service is the best way to list your context. USPS approved postage is the ONLY context where use of the words USPS or United States Postal Service is permitted. Select images on your computer using the Browse button. When finished, click the Add Images button at the bottom. Uploading can take a while the upload time is dependent on the filesize of the images you uploaded and the speed of your computers internet connection.

Easy to print

We are a full service provider so we can receive your photo by mail, email or upload and prepare it in the best way possible for a great looking photostamp. We do the work you get the stamps delivered at your home! We can even add some text to the top or botton of the stamp. The more personalized postage stamps you order the less premium you pay for your stamps.

Photo stamps are legally valid United States Postal Service stamps that can be affixed to your letters, correspondence and post cards. The price you pay for your photo stamps depend on the postage value of these custom stamps and the order quantity. | Stamps | Paper | Frames | Sitemap